College of Public Health: Health Informatics 

The Health Informatics (HI) Certificate is designed to teach you the hands-on skills you will need to advance in your current position or move into this expanding career path. You will learn from industry leaders while navigating state of the art electronic health record systems while expanding your understanding of HIPAA privacy and security, health information exchanges and standards, and EHRs and Management of Information Technology. 

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College of Education: College Access and Success

This certificate serves as a critical bridge to helping post-secondary and higher education student service providers develop marketable skills and competencies in those areas and places emphases on urban issues and themes of equity and access. 

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College of Education: Digital Education Leadership

This certificate prepares individuals to responsibly lead and structure dynamic online learning environments that mainly serve both traditional and non-tradiations adult higher education populations. Certificate completers will gain comprehensive understanding of structural matters related to instructional design, regulatory matters, interdepartmental relationships, and how to lead change in these emergent settings.    

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School of Pharmacy: Drug Development

Learn foundational knowledge and terminology helping industry maintain quality practices while meeting regulatory compliance at the local, national and global levels.

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School of Pharmacy: Basic Pharmaceutical Development

Geared for professionals with non-science and business backgrounds to enter or advance in the pharmaceutical and related industries. Focuses on drug development project management issues.

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School of Pharmacy: Clinical Trial Management

Provides tools and information needed to design, conduct and audit clinical trials of pharmaceuticals. The courses emphasize protocol development, volunteer informed consent, study management, and the role and responsibilities of Institutional Review Boards.

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School of Pharmacy: Global Pharmacovigilance: Benefit-Risk Assessment

The pharmaceutical industry is challenged with providing oversight of a drug’s safety throughout the product life-cycle. Reviewing safety profiles and assessing benefit and risk that arise during and after drug development are rigorously explored.

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School of Pharmacy: GMPs for the 21st Century

This certificate provides a sound theoretical and hands-on approach to practices used in all of the critical stages of manufacturing. Overall goal to enhance scientific understandings of manufacturing processes, standardizing product quality, improve plant efficiency and costs, and meet the new compliance requirements (both domestic and global).

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College of Public Health: Post-Graduate Certificate in Military Counseling (Non-Credit Option Available)

Designed to help practitioners meet the public health challenge and to improve their clinical versatility and skills in an increasingly competitive market.

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